EQ Lateral
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Scientific claim management

Been through enough with Insurance or EQC? Let us pick up the pieces. We're committed to achieving your entitlement!
Insurance Negotiation, EQC Opt out, Quantity Surveying, Project Management.
Contact us on 0800 375 463 or email info@eqlateral.co.nz.

  • Residential

    The claim managers at EQ Lateral have personally experienced property loss and know what a trying, emotional experience it is to rebuild your home from scratch.

    Let our staff support you and your family through this difficult time. Discover the ways we can help lift the weight off your shoulders during the claim settlement process.

  • Commercial

    When your business suffers property loss, it is your responsibility to assure your staff and customers that you will return to everyday operations as quickly as possible.

    Our team will quickly and accurately manage your settlement process so you can get back to business without delay.

Put it RIGHT

We can work together with you and your insurance company to ensure each claim settlement is done the right way.

Take back control of your home and your life. Speed up claim settlement. Maximise your claim.