EQ Lateral
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Introducing EQ Lateral

Your Team working with you at every step of the process

EQ Lateral (EQL) mission is to maximise our client’s recovery and expedite the tedious Insurance process all the while maintaining excellent risk relations with your Insurance Company.

Eddie Cooney

Is a qualified Adjudicator and dispute resolution expert under the CCA 2002. With over 20 years experience constructing New Zealand’s residential feature properties.

Lulu Liu

Is a qualified Architect, Quantity Surveyor with international experience on large commercial projects.

Ankica Cooney

Has over 10 years experience in construction management, accounting and quantity surveying. Specialising in New Zealand’s premium builds.

Put it RIGHT

We can work together with you and your insurance company to ensure each claim settlement is done the right way.

Take back control of your home and your life. Speed up claim settlement. Maximise your claim.